Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lily's Sweets

Have you ever had chocolates sweetened with Stevia? Neither have I until I received Lily’s Sweets in the mail I got to try Creamy Milk & Chocolate Bar which is a melt in your mouth bar that is rich and creamy with 20% fewer calories than regular chocolate bars with no added sugar. Salted Almond & Milk Bar is a combination of rich, creamy milk chocolate and almonds, salted and roasted to perfection. And the last item I got was Premium Dark Chocolate Baking Chips which are sweetened with Stevia and vegan chips.

         Lily’s Sweets was formed by Lily at age 7 when she was diagnosed with brain cancer doctors operated successfully but the surgery left her with some immobility. Lily spent months learning to walk again. Though she suffered some nerve damage, she held on to her sense of humor and through it all kept everyone around her entertained and amazed at her progress. Lily’s commitment to raising money for kids with cancer is the definition of selfless­ness and compassion. To honor Lily and her bravery, we made her our namesake, and pledge a percentage of our profits to provide kids with cancer some of the services they need. We hope to ease their burdens by bringing them some joy and fun.
All these products are NON-GMO , Organic, Gluten-Free and have fewer calories.
My Opinion: I tried the bars so far and was surprised I could not taste the stevia as sometimes you can taste other sweeteners and I found them to be very yummy. We should all be inspired by Lily and how much she has accomplished.

To learn more visit
Besides what I received they have Dark Chocolate Bars and more.
Where to Buy? Online, Whole Foods, New Seasons Market, Stop & Shop and more listed
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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