Sunday, June 28, 2015

July 4th Crafts For Kids

Patriotic Hair Decorations:
What you'll need:
red, white, and blue ribbon, at least 3/8 inch wide
hot glue gun
small, silver hair clips
red, white, and blue beads
USA foam letters (optional)
patriotic stickers (optional)
red, white, or blue hair tie

How to make the Large Hair Clip:
Using the ruler and scissors, cut off two pieces of ribbon nine inches long. Take the hot glue gun and place a large dot in the center of the ribbon. Bring one end of the ribbon to the center and press down until the glue has dried. Place another drop of hot glue on top and press the other end of the ribbon on the glue until it is dry. Repeat with the other piece of ribbon. (see photo)
Using the glue gun, place a drop of glue on the center of one of the ribbons and press the center of the other ribbon on top. (see photo)
Take one of the hair clips and place hot glue along the top piece of metal. Press the bottom of the ribbon on top of the metal clip, holding until the glue is dry. (see photo)
Cut off a 1 ½ inch piece ribbon that is a different color from the ribbon you were already using. Once the glue is dry, squeeze the hair clip so that it opens. Take the small piece of ribbon and place it in between the open hair clip. Place a drop of hot glue on the top of the bow and wrap the smaller ribbon around, pressing down when on the area with the hot glue. (see photo)
Decorate the bow with beads, stickers, foam, or anything else you like. Remove any excess hot glue and allow glue to dry completely before putting the bow in your hair.
Your large hair clip is now complete. Put it in your hair and dazzle your friends!
How to make the Hair Tie:
Using the ruler and scissors, cut off two pieces of ribbon that are 6 inches long. Cut off another piece of ribbon that is 10 inches long.
Gather the two shorter pieces of ribbon and tie in a knot around the hair tie. (see photo)
Take the longer piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the hair tie, directly on top of the knot formed by the two shorter ribbons. (see photo)
Use the hot glue gun and stickers, beads, foam, or anything else you would like to decorate the hair tie. (see photo) Put it in your hair and dazzle your friends!
How to make the Small Hair Clip:
Using the scissors and ribbon, cut a piece of ribbon 1 ½ inches long.
Using the hot glue gun, place a drop of hot glue on the back end of the upper metal arm of the hairclip. Press the end of the ribbon on the hot glue and press until set. (see photo)
Place a line of hot glue along the outer top part of the metal hair clip. Press the ribbon in a flat line along the hot glue and hold until dry. (see photo)
Squeeze the hair clip open and glue down the rest of the ribbon, pressing on it until the hot glue is dry. (see photo)
Using the hot glue gun, beads, stickers, and foam, decorate the hair clip however you would like. (see photo) Remove any excess hot glue. Allow to dry completely before placing in your hair. Put it in your hair and dazzle your friends!

4th of July Star man:
What you'll need:
Red, white and blue construction paper
2 large googly eyes
Black marker
How to make your 4th of July Star Man:
Cut a large star out of red construction paper. Cut 4 smaller stars out of blue construction paper.
Cut 4 strips of white paper approximately 1" thick. Fold the paper back and forth, accordian style.
Glue the 4 white strips onto the back of the red star - two will be the arms, two will be the legs.
Glue the blue stars onto the ends of the white strips to be the hands and feet.
Glue the eyes onto the red star and draw on a smile with the black marker

4th of July Wand

What you'll need:
3 inch foam star
Red and blue craft paint
Red, white, and blue ribbon
Wooden dowel
Paint brush
How to make your 4th of July Wand:
Paint the foam star the color red. Paint the wooden dowel blue and set aside to dry.
Stick the dowel into the bottom of the star till secure.

Tie on red, white, and blue ribbon.

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