Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Switch Witch Halloween Gift Guide

Halloween for me as a child has been all about dressing up in a costume and go to houses to trick or treat for candy most times usually nothing healthy. I recently learned about Switch Witch. The invention of Switch Witch is by one brother and sister-in-law duo both parents of young children invented the Switch Witch, a twist on the Elf on the Shelf, the little plush toy that watches over kids around Christmas time (and then reports back to Santa). The Switch Witch is a little less punitive, however; she’s just looking to make a trade candy for a gift in the same way the Tooth Fairy leaves cash for lost teeth. 
Rob Bouley, a Massachusetts ice cream shop owner, was inspired last Halloween to create the character after his wife asked if they had gifts to give their sons in exchange for their candy a tradition she called playing the “Switch Witch.” That night, he woke up at 2 a.m. and knew that he had to debut the Switch Witch on a larger scale. Over the next several months, he hired Scott Nash, one of the original illustrators for Flat Stanley, to design the Switch Witch doll; his sister-in-law, Lara Spear Riley, wrote a book to accompany the toy.  

Here’s how it works: In early October, the Switch Witch a small, friendly-looking plush witch flies in on her cauldron, landing on a windowsill in your house. On Halloween night, your little ones leave a pile of candy in front of the Switch Witch, and in the morning, they find that a special gift a new book or toy, say has replaced their sweet treats. 
My Opinion: I really like Switch Witch as it is a way you can get your kids to not eat so much candy and be replaced with something else. You will save money on dentist bills ,childhood obesity as well as getting your kids in better eating habits.
The story and the witch is so cute I am going to share this with my nieces and nephews to start a new family tradition for years to come not to mention my own family tradition.
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