Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Snacks Other Than Candy

Halloween is a time where you go door to door and say Trick or Treat and you get candy but I know some families out there may want to give an alternative to candy and I am not talking about an apple. Let me tell you about a few items you can go pick up and buy for easy giving.

Viki’s Granola  Snack Packs which come in a 1.5 oz. pouch and are 100% all natural ingredients, NON-GMO, sodium free, dairy free, whole grain, no sugar added and Gluten Free in the flavors of Pecans, almonds and honey; Blueberries, almonds and honey; cranberry, maple and walnuts. MSRP $11.99/10 1.5 oz. bags at

Gaea Greek Olive Snack Packs  Gaea’s olives come from the finest olive groves in Greece, using time honored, traditional farming techniques while they are harvested by hand. Gaea’s olive snack packs are 100% natural and delicious. They are the 1st olive snack in the world without preservatives and they are packed in an innovative re -sealable packaging. Liquid-free, Pitted and full of authentic Greek flavors, delicious and the perfect healthy and low calories snack for anytime of the day! Available in three flavor options: 100% Kalamata, Green marinated with Chili & Black Peppers, Green marinated with Lemon & Oregano; MSRP $2.99 at

Bauli Mini Croissants These sweet mini indulgences are delicious, portion controlled treat for children (and parents) to enjoy. Bauli Mini Croissants are available in two varieties – Chocolate and Vanilla Custard - these tasty, bite-sized delights are perfect for the lunchbox this year (only 50 calories a pop). Oven baked and ready to eat makes them a convenient treat! SRP: $1.99 (6 mini croissants per bag) at
My favorite of the three are Bauli Mini Croissants and Viki’s Granola as I am not a olive fan and never eat them.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours

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