Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simply Scrub

After two years of which all natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest is Simply Scrub is here with some wonderful body scrubs. I was recently sent some to review and they were

Rose Body Scrub- we turned to the ultimate symbol of youth for our scrub, the rose. These petals have been used in the pursuit of beauty for centuries, since they’re total champs at keeping skin soft, strong, and smooth. Any wonder why we wanted to hook up with these buds? Here’s why you’ll want to get frisky, too: all those spots, bumps, and zits you might have happening - consider them gone, thanks to the rose’s antibacterial and toning properties that keep skin clean and pores tight, for the ultimate protection double-whammy. Meanwhile, the flower’s store of vitamin C will lighten spots, and sweet almond oil and other goodies will take care of healing any other imperfections.

Soursoap Body Scrub- Soursop is spiky green fruit that’s grown in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Kinda pineappley, kinda strawberry-y (and all sorts of delicious), the leaves are where the real magic happens. These big, smooth fronds are full of vitamins A and B, and vitamin C, which soothes the skin when it’s acting all funky - we’re talking serious relief for eczema, rheumatism, and other skin conditions. Combine that with the anti-inflammatory effects of mint, a little gentle exfoliation from the brown sugar, and a whole lot of vitamin-rich oils, and you’ve got the perfect potion to help keep even your worst skin situations at bay.

Chocolate Body Scrub- Turns out, chocolate is more than just an instant mood enhancer. In addition to being packed with a whole alphabet of vitamins, the sweet stuff has flavonoids - special antioxidants - which can help protect against UV rays, encourage the flow of blood under the skin, and decrease signs of aging. For double the chocolate power, we threw in cacao nibs (those would be roasted pieces of cacao beans) to scrub away dead skin cells, and a heaping handful of cocoa butter to instantly smooth you out all over. Of course, a dash of brown sugar, coconut oil, and almond oil all conspire to impart plenty of moisture - and make you smell like freshly baked cookie.

Coffee Body Scrub-when rubbed all over, those granules will tone down any redness or inflammation you’ve got going on, and smooth your skin to perfection. Plus, all that scrubbing gets those antioxidants to sink in and protect you from free radicals - meaning fewer wrinkles (you’re welcome.) We’ve upped the anti-aging game by adding a dose of Dead Sea Mineral Salt - which contains a whopping 21 different minerals that moisturize, smooth, and strengthen cell membranes (no weight lifting involved), plus a dash of tea tree oil to beat up any nasty bacteria before they have the chance to do anything naughty.
My Opinion: Reading the description and smelling them sounds good enough to eat although I know it is only for your body.  Now for some people body scrubs can be a bit rough on the skin until you get use to them and the do some amazing things removing the dead skin and making you look so much better and brighter.  I found these work so well and easy to use in the shower whenever I go in and being the cold dry winter months these are awesome to rid of dry skin. I like the fact these are made with natural and organic ingredients.
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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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