Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dads Are Always Difficult To Buy For So Here's My Advice

If you’ve already started your Christmas shopping, you will have undoubtedly hit a speed bump in the road. You will almost always struggle to find gifts for your dear old dad. He’s grumpy, withdrawn and often shows very little emotion when opening a gift. This makes it difficult to know whether you succeeded in getting a great gift for him the previous year. He just looks the same as he always does when he opens a present! So, what’s the secrets to buying a great gift for your dad? Well, unfortunately, there isn’t one, and you just need to find something that will make him smile come Christmas morning.

A Great Gag

Dads are well known for their fun sense of humour, so perhaps the answer is not to take buying a gift too seriously. Instead, you can purchase something that has very little long lasting value but instead keeps him amused for a few hours. There are lots of examples of gifts like this. You can find some great ideas on For instance, you can get a pizza cutter with a star wars lightsaber handle. When you cut through a pizza, it actually makes the noise of the classic sci-fi weapon too. Or, how about a mug with a funny message or picture on it. He’ll love this too, and you’ll definitely get a smirk or a smile when he opens it.

Something Useful

Dad’s aren’t quite the same as you and me. You and I will probably ask for things for Christmas that we want. Dads are weird and would rather have something that they need. As such, you may want to just go right out and ask him what he needs. Or, pay attention when he’s talking. At some point through the year, he might have said, I really need a new blah blah. If you can remember what that blah blah was, you probably already know the perfect gift for your dad.

Something Techy

Perhaps your dad is tech minded and loves the latest gadgets and gizmos. If he is constantly updating his phone, it sounds like a great gift idea to me. If you check out a site like, you’ll be able to find things like a phone charging wallet. This ticks off two boxes by being techy and useful. I’m sure your dad would love a gift like this. Or, if you want to spend a little more, how about a full VR kit. They’ll cost roughly two hundred and could go down a real treat.

Peace And Quiet

Finally, most dads would just love some peace and quiet and a chance to relax. But unfortunately, you can’t wrap that up in paper. You can, however, get something like a gift token for a massage treatment or a relaxing getaway. He may not be able to use it or play with it on Christmas morning, but he'll certainly appreciate a voucher like this. You’ll just have to wait a few weeks or months before you see the happiness he receives from your fantastic gift.  You can find out more about this on
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