Sunday, February 5, 2017


Cost: Under $5
Recycled toilet paper roll
Yellow paint
Black pipe cleaner
Yellow, black, white, & red cardstock or construction paper
Black marker 

Age: This project has several steps making it difficult for little ones without a lot of assistance. My preschooler put one together with assistance. 
1. Paint the toilet paper roll yellow and allow to dry.
2. Cut 3 long strips of black paper and wrap around the toilet paper roll to make stripes.
3. For the eyes cut out 2 white circles and 2 smaller black circles. Glue the white circles onto the toilet paper roll and then the black on top of the white.
4. Cut the pipe cleaner into 2 pieces about 3 inches each. Twist the pipe cleaners and tape to the inside of the toilet paper for the antennae. 
5. Cut 2 small hearts from the yellow paper and glue onto the back of the toilet paper roll to make wings.
6. Cut a small heart from the red paper. Using a black marker write “Bee Mine” on the heart and glue it to the top of one wing.  

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