Saturday, December 29, 2018

Zipit BLU32

BLU32 is a little blue alien who has come to earth with a message of love and the importance of family.  In return for his amazing efforts, David Copperfield and the audience of his show help little BLU find his family again. Copperfield first learned about ZIPIT during a vacation with his family. His daughter’s friend had a ZIPIT pouch that caught his eye, and David decided to contact ZIPIT to learn more. 

Following a year-long collaboration, they developed the ZIPIT BLU32, a limited edition pouch based on the alien character from David’s current show.
BLU32 features one long zipper, one main compartment, fits up to 50 pens & pencils, extra wide diagonal opening makes it easy to see and access everything inside. The size is 8.6”X 0.8”X 3.6”.

My Opinion: This is a cute pouch and zips up easily to store anything you wish inside from school supplies, snacks, cosmetics, legos and more.

This is a Tomoson Review which I received the product for free and or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. 

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