Thursday, November 21, 2019

Creatures of Legends & Lore Wildhair Creations

Tales of legendary creatures go back generations. A third-hand eyewitness report here, fuzzy photo or film clip there. You know they exist but they have been frustratingly elusive. Well, no more! This set of six hairy, but not-so-scary collectible vinyl cryptids are very real and are ready to be caught. Now you can get Creatures of Legends & Lore Wildhair Creations

Sasquatch Creature No.1: Sasquatch (arguably the most famous of all cryptids) is described by eyewitnesses as a towering ape-like beast, estimated by some as standing up to 12 feet tall and weighing in at nearly a ton. The creature’s most famous calling card is the 24-inch long footprints it leaves behind, which inspired the famous nickname: Bigfoot. It is also known for horrible, rancid breath.
Mothman Creature No.2: The Mothman was first spotted by gravediggers in 1966 at a cemetery in Clendenin, West Virginia. This large, winged, humanoid creature has made his home in the Mountain State ever since. The vast majority of Mothman sightings have occurred nearly 80 miles away from Clendenin, around the hazardous explosives waste site of an abandoned TNT Factory in Point Pleasant.  
EL Chupacabra Creature No.3: Prowling around the American southwest, Mexico, and parts of South America at night; drinking and draining the blood of livestock and pets, and leaving a body count in your wake will earn you a reputation as the serial killer of the cryptid community, as well as the name Chupacabra, A.K.A. the “goat sucker”.
Jersey Devil Creature No.4: Popular legend states that in 1735 a very fruitful Jane Leeds discovered she was regrettably pregnant for a thirteenth time. Exhausted and frustrated after previously agonizing through 12 colonial-era childbirths, she cursed the unborn child and called it “the Devil”.
Yeti Creature No.5: The infamous Yeti is a large ape-like creature inhabiting the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. It managed to live in relative obscurity for centuries with only an occasional eyewitness account emerging from the snow-covered mountains. It was not until the 20th century when western explorers and media ascended the icy peaks that the Yeti was put on the fast track to stardom.

Cthulhu Creature No.6: Be very quiet - especially if you’re anywhere near the South Pacific. You don’t want to disturb the all-powerful being hibernating deep below the ocean’s surface known as Cthulhu. He’s a malevolent and massively imposing character who measures hundreds of meters tall when upright. This slumbering, subterranean, winged creature’s most unique physical feature is his tentacled octopus-like face. Simply looking at Cthulhu has been known to drive one insane.
My Opinion: These have the hair the “trolls” had in the 1980s and of course creatures we all fear. With fun facts and folklore about that creature which are great to collect. My great-nephew likes Sasquatch and Yeti so I am giving him those for Christmas. A scary fact I recently found out my ancestor is The Jersey Devil so it is eerie knowing this fact.
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