Saturday, June 12, 2021

Bennet Schwartz


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I am sure during the 2020 pandemic you wanted to start your own business to make some money to make ends meet and provide for you and your family.  There are many ways to do so, Bennet Schwartz is an example of a man who went from living in Texas to living in Australia where he had to challenge himself. For me, starting my blog I did it out of a love for wanting to try new things and see what products were out there and new or interesting ones.  I have been blogging since 2012, which is a long time but there is so much I have learned and so much more I need to know as social media and SEO is ever-changing. But there are so many businesses you can start like sewing, jewelry making, catering, cake design, author, canning, and more.

For example, to start a canning business you need jars, lids, water bath, or pressure canner, canning utensils like  Jar lifter: this is a large tongs that are designed for lifting jars in or out of boiling water. Remember, the jars can be quite heavy; using tongs that are designed for something else is a sure way to hurt yourself or break something. Magnetic lid lifter: essentially a magnet on a stick. Sometimes it is called a lid wand. It is used to pluck canning lids out of boiling water (where they are sterilized). You could pick them up with tongs, but the lid lifter makes it easier to seat the lids on the jar without contaminating them.

Wide mouth canning funnel: this kind of funnel will make filling your jars so much easier. Also, the funnel will help keep your counters, and more importantly, the lips of your jars clean (so they seal properly). Bubble freer: this is a simple instrument that normally comes with canning kits. It is used when canning to pop any large bubbles that form inside the jar when you fill it with food. You could just as easily use a butter knife or a skewer. A stack of kitchen towels: these won’t be included in your canning kit, but you probably have a bunch of them already. Cotton towels that are easy to wash work best (they will get dirty). Use them as hot pads or to wipe up spills and drips. Lay some out on your counters to catch spills and insulate the counter surface. Some counter surfaces (especially granite or tile) tend to be cold and can actually cause a hot jar to crack due to temperature differences the towels help prevent this. If you wanted to be an author you could get an e-publishing guide, go to Amazon and also reach out to companies that publish books depending on what type of book you are writing. You also need an illustrator if you write children’s books. 

Bennet Schwartz 2020 saw a move by the artist to challenge himself to start a new life in Australia after a lifetime spent working in the U.S. The creative director explained he felt he was stagnating in the U.S. and wanted to challenge himself to continue his good work in a new country, with different challenges on personal and business levels. The challenge of moving his life and career to Sydney, Australia required Schwartz to design new studio space for his business.

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