Monday, June 14, 2021

How To Enjoy Summer With Back Pain

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This summer will mean a lot of outdoor activities and if you suffer from chronic pain or have a back injury it can be painful instead of enjoyable. A Pressure Relief Seat Cushion for sciatica
  from Cushion Labs is what you need it comes in gray, black, navy, red, light pink, azure, peach nectar, beige, wellness green, minty fresh, and vibrant coral. The Ergonomic Seat Cushion is scientifically contoured to cradle your thighs & hip and help you sit upright upon any chair. Soft hip and thigh cushioning turn any chair into your personal throne. 

Cushion Lab Lumbar Pillow + Seat Cushion 

 No more back pains or legs falling asleep! Ergonomic contours encourage proper posture and a straight spine, redistributing your lower body weight for comfort even during long hours of sitting. Proprietary extra-dense charcoal memory foam offers soft and velvety support while remaining odor-free in usage.

You can use it with the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow which is specially contoured to fit organically to relieve lower back pressure for office workers, drivers, or anyone who sits for long hours & experience back pain.  The pillow provides firm sectional lower, mid, & upper mid-back support to jointly keep your back & spine in ideal posture, reducing strain on your back muscles. Made with Hyperfoam, the extra dense, dynamically rebounding, proprietary memory foam for all-day support. It fits on a chair with a strap that fits securely and it is adjustable made with breathable, hard-wearing polyester rayon, our cover is removable & washable for lasting usage.

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