Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Why Truck Driver's Refuse Covid Vaccine Mandates & Our Rights


The holiday season is approaching quickly and this year the news is telling you to start early due to shortages of products from overseas. What you do not know is that truck drivers are refusing the Covid 19 vaccine so that is why there is an issue in California. You can see the full article at

I think as individuals we should have a say like the flu shot and not be divided and accept everyone’s personal onion about THEIR body, I would never hate or discriminate against anyone who wants to not get the vaccine just as I would not for someone who gets fully vaccinated. We do live in the United States where Founding Fathers fought for our rights! Why get them taken away? Below are 3 key points of the document.

The Declaration of Independence states three basic ideas: (1) God made all men equal and gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; (2) the main business of government is to protect these rights; (3) if a government tries to withhold these rights, the people are free to revolt and to set up a new government.

I know we all can debate this but please do not lose sight of what we are like America's and how we can be unified not divided! 

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  1. I agree. In fact, my husband and I plan to relocate to Idaho as soon as we complete our lease on our apartment in Pullman Wa.