Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Campus Book Rentals - Make money with your Used Text Books with Rentback

Did you just finish a year of college and wonder what am I going to do with these old text books? Do you want to make some money from them instead of just gathering dust? You could use Rent Back which is a division of Campus Book Rentals this is a program that allows you to rent your books to other students for 2x-4x more the amount of money that you would normally get for them! Being in college you can use any money you can get a hold of am I right? Here is a step to step guide to how it works.
1.     Go to
2.     Ship the books to them
3.     They are made available for other students to rent
4.     You get money for renting them
5.     They are sent to the student that rents them then when they are done it gets sent back to rent back
6.     As the semester goes on your book keeps getting rented and you keep making money.
What an easy way to make money! Who knew text books could be worth money and recycled for others to use as well. Go to to learn more about this program.

Want to know another thing that happens when you rent text books from ? With each book rented they donate to Operation Smile which is an organization to help kids with surgeries as they have a slight deformity. To learn more visit
The Perks of Campus Book Rentals Save 40%-90% on books, Free Shipping Both Ways, Flexiable Renting Period and so much more. 
Disclaimer: This is to let you know about this wonderful service and a paid post.

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