Friday, September 6, 2013 Review

I recently was able to review and this is a prepaid credit card site which has cards that match your personality. What is your personality? Do you want a card with Hell’s Kitchen, Walking Dead, Shark Week, Animals, Care Bears or Flags? All these are very interesting I myself had a hard time deciding and ended up with a Care Bear card . These cards have No Overdraft Fees, No Late Fees, No Check Cashing Fee, Tracks Spending, Online Bill Pay and 24/7/365 live support by phone and web. Each month there is a monthly maintenance fee for your protection. You can cancel anytime and it is easy to do. So if you would like a new way to pay for things and not have to care a lot of cash around then get a card from and show me your style. 
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Disclaimer: I was paid for this post and just wanted to let you know what was out there.

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