Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kids Halloween Crafts

Need: 1 x disposable latex glove
assorted lollipops
black ribbon
For the best looking hand lollipop bags, make sure you have at least 4 rolls of small round lollipops that will fit into the finger sections of the glove.
Now just stuff the hand full of lollipops, and tie a ribbon around the end to keep them in.
Lay them out on your Halloween party table for guests to take as they leave.
Or have them by the door to give to trick or treaters.

Need: plain red plastic bucket (cheap at $2 shops or Bunnings)
white card or craft paper
black marker pen
red marker pen
Paper plates
Colorful pens or pencils
String or yarn
Measure where the eye holes on the mask should be by holding a paper plate up to each child's face and marking the area carefully with a pen.
Cut the eye holes out of each mask.
Give each child some markers, pens or pencils and let them decorate their masks in their own way.
Punch a hole in either side of the mask edge and thread a string through, knotting the ends to secure in place.
Slip the finished masks over the kids faces and watch as they transform into hairy, scary Halloween monsters.

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