Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year to you all my fellow blog followers welcome to 2015! What are your plans for the new year? I myself make many plans and i do not always follow through with them but this year i want to make major changes and i will succeed. Some of the things i want to do is lose weight and i want to start with 20 pounds and realistially need to lose 70 pounds for my heigh but i know with small steps i will make it. The other thing i want to do with your help is grow my blog in many different directions and without you now i would not have made it as far as i have and Thank-You for that. What things do you like to see on a blog when you read them besides reviews and giveaways?
I also want to eat healthier all the sweets have to go and i feel like crap when i do eat that stuff and very slugish. I am only 37 so this is not what i want for my life as i want to be here on this earth for many more years to come so this has to change.

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