Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Valentine


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you need to start thinking about what sort of gifts you’re going to buy. Giving your partner something special as a gift goes a long way to showing them how much they mean to you. After all, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your loved ones.

You are not restricted when it comes to gift ideas. Perhaps you’ll go for something fun and practical like garden gloves. Maybe you’ll go for something more traditional like chocolates. You need to have a think about the kind of thing that will appeal to your partner.

Here are five great gift ideas to help you out:

1. Romantic Dinner

What better way to show your partner how much they mean to you than by cooking them a romantic dinner. Go all out for Valentine’s Day. It’s a good bet they will have a favourite dish so try to whip that up if you can. You can go all out and do a three-course bonanza complete with wine and candlelight. Dinner is already quite a personal and romantic setting already. But by doing a special Valentine’s dinner you’re showing extra thought and romance. It also means you don’t have to go through the stress and expense of trying to book a restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

2. Sexy Underwear

If you’re feeling particularly naughty, you may want to consider buying some sexy underwear. Now, you have a few choices available here. You could either buy your partner some sexy underwear for them. Or your gift could be you wearing brand new sexy underwear! Whichever choice you go with it’s sure to end in a frisky evening. You can find plenty of underwear ideas and choices online or in certain shops. You may have spoken with your partner in the past about particular pieces of underwear that take their fancy. Maybe you can try to get a specific piece to blow their mind!

3. Aftershave/Perfume

One of the Valentine’s gifts you just can’t go wrong with is perfume or aftershave. Everybody enjoys wearing scents. And from your perspective it’s important that your partner smells good. Around Valentine’s Day, you may find there are some limited special offers on fragrances so you should hunt around. This is a great gift to get as fragrances can be expensive but everybody enjoys wearing them. Find out what your partner’s favourite fragrance is and try to get ahold of that one. You could even be sneaky and buy them a scent that drives you wild!

4. Jewellery

A classic gift to help you say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day is a piece of jewellery. There are so many options open to you for pieces of jewellery. You might want to visit for selections of earrings and necklaces. You might decide you want to buy a watch or a ring. There are a lot of jewellery choices. Most stores or websites do Valentine’s jewellery sets. And you can often pick some up for a reasonable price. Think of the look on your partner’s face this Valentine’s Day when you present them with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

5. Flowers

Flowers are the old reliable Valentine’s gift. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a huge bouquet of red roses. You can complete the bouquet with a card and personal message for a romantic extra touch. If your partner doesn’t like roses then there are plenty of other flowers you can choose. They are bound to have a favourite kind of flower. Find out what it is and order a nice bouquet. If you want to be extra romantic, you could always arrange to have the flowers delivered to their workplace.

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  1. I like the jewelry the best and it doesn't have to be that expensive. A five dollar hello kitty pin would make me squeal with delight, lol. I'm not much for flowers or food/chocolate.