Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In  the summer months I do a lot of outdoor entertaining which includes barbecue’s and picnics. I recently was sent iFork to review and the ingenious ideas behind these are simple but never thought of these are heavy duty disposable clear plastic silverware that are raised off the table meaning when you put down the knife with ketchup, mustard or relish on it; it does not get all over the table as the raised back on it prevents it. I got a package of 51and it’s a combo package which included 17 iForks, 17 iKnives and 17 iSpoons. They also keep germs off your plastic ware as well.

My Opinion: I took these outside to the backyard with my recent cookout on the grill and they worked out nicely. I reuse my plastic wear so I washed these to use again and again until they can’t be used no more. I will be buying these for any event that requires it and the price asked is comparable to other brands.

They also offer Stainless Steel, Box Sets, Clear Plastic, iFork Elegant Stackable Design and iFork Elegant Ball design.  To learn more visit https://ifork.com/  .

About iFork: Our Story is actually pretty simple, we love food, we love to dine and we hope that you do too. This love of food has lead us to address the very simple question of why do our forks, knives and spoons have to come into direct contact with surfaces?
Could they be designed in an intelligent way to RISE ABOVE THE SURFACE?
As we cooked and dined we didn’t enjoy dirtying up our counters and tables as food was sometimes left on our flatware from cooking or dining. We also did not enjoy holding our utensils in our hand while we reheated our food in the microwave. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could sit the fork down without the part we eat with touching the surface? This would prevent it from dirtying the table and also prevent any germs that were on the table from getting onto our forks, knives or spoons.
In addition, we have all eaten at many restaurants and enjoyed many amazing meals. We noticed that in more and more restaurants they were laying their flatware flush on the table. Even when we dined at a restaurant where they had them on or wrapped in a napkin what were we do to with our flatware once we placed the napkin on our lap?
Shouldn’t these restaurants be able to have their flatware RISE ABOVE THE SURFACE as well?
After observing these problems we went to work to create the intelligently designed iFork line of flatware.
The iFork line is a practical and affordable line of beautifully handcrafted flatware that simply allows the part of the iFork, iKnife and iSpoon to RISE ABOVE THE SURFACE.
Why should we continue to lay our flatware on surface especially now that we no longer have to?
We designed the iFork line of flatware to feature a beautiful ball design as well as a stackable post design and are available in handcrafted high-grade stainless steel and plastic disposables.
Doctors who simply encourage healthy eating also endorse the iFork line.
We invite you to order a set today, for yourself or as a gift for a loved one and join us as we RISE ABOVE THE SURFACE!

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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