Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Air Angel On The Go Summer Travel Air Sanifiers

I recently got to review Air Angel which is a small mobile Air Sanifiers with revolutionary, energy efficient technology that fights germs by cleaning and sanitizing the air in rooms up to 250 square feet, including nurseries, bedrooms, pet rooms, playrooms, hotel rooms, cars, planes, and more. Air Oasis has created the Air Angel just for families with children and/or pets to protect rooms from germs, viruses, aero-allergens, and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces.The Air Angel has 4 technologies in 1 and they are germicidal UVC Light, Ion Generator, AHPCO Technology and Washable Stainless Steel Dust Cover.

My Opinion: I did an air quality test with the Petri dish for 4-5 days you start for the first hour uncovered then after that you cover it with the lid, tape it and label the date started and it shows the air quality I have in my home. The results of the test made me say “Eww...gross, I had no idea how toxic my air really is” .Then I used the Air Angel and have been for a few weeks now and I have notice a difference in the air quality and those people who are asthmatic this could make a difference in your home. It is small; portable can be used in the car and taken anywhere.

My 5 Day Results

About Air Oasis: Air Sanifiers are carefully assembled by hand in the company’s Amarillo, Texas, factory. Each and every unit passes through a strict quality management system, where it is thoroughly inspected. This process ensures every customer receives the most reliable air purification products available.
in use 

bottom see the filter 

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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