Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tommee Tippee

As your child changes age stages in life you want table ware to change with them and with Tommee Tippee they offer just that. I recently got to review the Explora 2 section plates for ages 12m+ and comes in a package of two and is perfect for family mealtimes: the 3 sections mean you can introduce your toddler to new tastes without them all merging into one. And because they fit with our Easi-Mat, there’s less mess too.
Explora easi-mat for ages 7m+ that comes in a package of one and holds plates and bowls firmly in place using a suction device in the middle of the mat that prevents your little one from moving, throwing or even tipping them up, making mealtimes a lot less messy.

Explora easy scoop feeding bowl with lids for ages 7m+ and comes in a package of two with a leak-proof lid and an easy-grip spoon. They are a must-buy for easy feeding on the go. The easy-scoop triangular base helps with self-feeding and they fit with our Easi-Mat too, meaning less mess and less stress for you.
Explora easi-roll bibs for ages 7m+ and comes in a package of two that are innovative and convenient, with a crumb catcher to collect mess and a dimpled reverse to encourage air flow and prevent irritation on delicate skin. They also roll up easily for storage and travel.
Explora feeding spoons for ages 7m+ and comes in a package of five in the colors of blue, two purple, green, and orange. These are designed with a big chunky handle for an easy grip, and a wide spoon base to scoop up and hold food in place, perfect for helping your baby feed themselves and enjoy a fuller feed.

My Opinion: These are really great items for this stages of a child’s life to get accustom to eating on their own and being independent .The spoons are excellent as they are easier for them to grip and hold. The bibs do fold up very small to fit nicely in the diaper bag. I like the easi- mat too as they can’t throw the food on the floor it keeps the plate and bowls in place.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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