Friday, May 25, 2012

Cook N' Recipe Organizer Software

I received the Cook N’ Recipe Organizer software to review and I have decided I love it! It is so nice to have a software where you can put all your recipes on one place. I installed the program and of course I am not one to read directions but with this program you really need to read the getting started directions or you will be lost. I like that you can type in the recipe you are looking for and when you see one you want you capture it so it copies to your recipe book. The other things I like are how they are separated by bread, desserts ,breakfast and so on, You can also create your own  recipe file and put all your favorite recipes in there. You can also type in a recipe if you have one and can’t find it online any where one which more likely has been passed down generation after generation. I have been inspired to go cook something as I have not baked or made anything homemade in awhile due to my busy schedule but today I am baking, I made homemade Date bread. They also have cookbooks you can order online which you can access thru the software homepage  and up in the right corner you can click on the prices range from $.95 and up. You can also watch Cook N’ demo’s online as well, Read the newsletter on upcoming releases and what other devices you can put the software on. Cook N’ Recipe Organizer is a great program to purchase  it cost is $ 99.95 you can buy it on Amazon or at but well worth the price. I recommend this to anyone who likes to cook whether you’re a beginner of a professional it is awesome!  They have a great giveaways and a recipe exchange on there Face Book page and the link is:

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