Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get Glow Hair Products

I received in the mail as part of a product review Get Glow Daily Shampoo and Get Glow Light Frizz Reflector . The Daily Shampoo ingredients are silica,pacific sea kelp,nettle, vitamin b5,vitamin and green tea extract. The shampoo smells amazing and when i used it it made my hair light weight which with some shampoos it  weights down your hair. It left my hair looking light and shiny. But unlike some shampoos with this product you need to wash your hair daily to keep it looking nice. I also used the Light Frizz Reflector and that helped alot with the frizz and controlled it and kept the shine.You can visit the website at .They cost $16-$19 but right on the website they have a promo buy to 2 get 1 free so i would go to their website and buy it before the promo ends . I would recommend trying them all and see if you like them and how they work for your hair. The shampoos you all natural ingredients and no chemicals like other shampoos. The product has been featured in numerous magazines and a review from a celebrity stylist which is on the website.I have also included a paragraph from the founder:
The pleasure of possibility. Every head of hair has different needs. I wanted to create beautiful products with the power to make every person's hair look better than it has before. When your hair needs are met - no matter who you are, it feels good. It’s amazing, really. That tiny happiness, when your hair surprises you, that is what I was after. To redirect frizz or to create thickness. To see fried, tired hair return to vitality and good health. To nourish and indulge hair with conditioning treatments. To feel cleaner and look more beautiful. That possibility. That is the seed at the core of every product we make.Tapping nature's abundance, using the latest developments from the lab and working with botanists and chemists relentlessly, I wanted to bring these formulas and all they promise to the palm of your hand.When you notice a new beauty product, and the silent voice in your head says, hmm..what’'s this? Your impulse is to smell it, touch it and try it. Small sensory pleasures. Never underestimate them. Ultimately though, it's about self expression, Yours. Taking the time to care for yourself. Playing with your look or creating a new one.A small effort to look better and ultimately feel better. It is possible. I hope we could inspire you to bring this sense of possibility to all the areas of your busy life. Enjoy!
Dalia Wallach
Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this product or review and this is my opinion.

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