Monday, May 28, 2012

Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades is a company that provides sunglasses for kids as the sun is bright for them as well and to prevent blindness. They have many styles of shades to choose from for ages 0-12 girls’ and boys’ styles. The glasses have 100% UV protection. the prices are all $14.99 (as i could tell) they have complete wrap around glasses and "regular" sunglasses, they come in a neat little pouch which you can use over and over when included a clip or a lanyard .You really forget as an adult that your kids also need eye protection for the suns UV Rays and Glares from the sun, we would not want any of our precious children to be blind do we? You can visit them at and see what they have to offer. I included a photo below of some of the sunglasses I received:
You can purchase them online or look on their website to see a store near you where you can purchase them as well.Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying kids sunglasses :
1. Only purchase sunglasses that are proven to
block 100% of both types of ultraviolet rays:
UV-A and UV-B. A UV 400 rating is ideal. Re
search the brand online and confirm they’ve
been third party tested to filter out 100% of
UV-A and UV-B radiation and contain no
phthalates, lead or bisphenol A.
2. Check lenses carefully for scratches, bubbles and
distortions. Flaws in the lenses can cause can
result in squinting, tearing and headaches.
3. Select sunglasses that match your child’s active
lifestyle. They should be impact-resistant and
frames should be bendable, unbreakable and/or
have snap on temples.
4. Look for sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses
and frames, the most impact-resistant material
available. Acrylic lenses can shatter. Beware. Many
polarized kids sunglasses have acrylic lenses.
5. Consider wrap-around designs that guard
against peripheral UV rays. Peripheral UV light is
just as damaging to children’s eyes as direct light.
Reflective light, from snow or water, is also
as damaging.
6. Make sure the sunglasses deliver a snug,
comfortable _ t. Avoid sunglasses that are too
tight or too loose for your child’s head. For
babies and super active kids, banded solutions
that _ t under hats and helmets are best.
7. Do not buy opaque sunglasses – especially for
small children and babies who can’t talk. They
communicate through their eyes and you want
to be able to see them at all times.
8. Wear your sunglasses. Remember, sunglasses are
not an accessory; they’re a necessity. When you
wear yours regularly, your kids will follow
your example.
9. Buy from manufacturers that stand behind
their sunglasses. The best brands back their
sunglasses with strong replacement guarantees.
10. Know the pros and cons of polarized lenses.
Unless they’re specifically treated with UV
coating, polarized lenses don’t offer UV
protection. Polarization helps to protect against
high glare light conditions. However, polarized
lenses also distort vision. Many children’s eye
care specialists believe polarized lenses can be
dangerous for young children just learning to
walk. This is one reason why Real Kids Shades
only polarizes the lenses on our Xtreme Sports
styles for 7-12-year-olds.

I am hosting a giveaway of one pair of your choice.

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