Monday, May 21, 2012

Math City By Ahmed Amani

This book is very intresting to say the least. It has fantasy and imagination for the middle east. It has to do with numbers,love ,a monster, war. I have not decided which age group would be appropriate for this book maybe teens and adults as the story line may be too offensive to ages 5-11 as they talk about relationships and apparences.You can find it on Amazon at:
it is about 33 pages long so it is a short story. Here is a description from the book: Monster Number was grossly overweight and had a shaggy body like a mammoth. In the beginning, Monster number could not walk very well and swayed a little, tottering, and falling. But he was trained for detecting and killing by my father.
I would say read it and give your own review of the book but i honestly would see what age group this book would be appropriate for.Happy Reading. 

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