Monday, May 21, 2012

Jamberry Nails

I have gotten a product to review from Jamberry Nails the product is pattern paper to put on your nails as nail poish insted of painting them. I recieved the black pattern with a white background, the pattern was in 1 zebra print,1 plaid,1 with flowers and paisleys,1 flowers and vines. The instructiosn say clean nails with alcohol next measure your nail against the pattern before you cut the pattern out and finally lots of heat to get the pattern to stay on your nails. I have got to say how good can the heat and alcohol be for your nails and what about removal of pattern how easy will that be? I heard that the whole porcess can be hard on your nails and i was unsure if i wanted to even bother reviewing it but i have to so here goes. I started the process and have got to say i can't cut a pattern of very striaght for that matter.I put the nails on and then the heat, i must not have heated them enough cause they were such a pain to get on and stay on i got very mad and just gave up after 20 mins. I need something less compliacted and easier to do. Maybe the should have them so you do not have to heat very much and not use alcohol on your nail to help them stay on better. Who knows someone with more patiences and time would have been luck them me . You can visit them at:  , They have all kinds of color and patterns an alternative to nail poish and the scent it gives off if you have a sensitive nose or allergy to the scent.

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