Thursday, February 28, 2013

Golden Age Stories Devil's Manhunt Review

Galaxy Press presents Stories from the Golden Age. I was recently able to review Devil’s Manhunt By L. Ron Hubbard on a audio book . I put this cd audio book on when I was driving to work and  I have to warn you I really am one for books as I can look at the writing and think about the sentence so I was a skeptic about audio books. At first when I heard Edoardo Ballerini as the narrator I thought although this is an audio book it is being acted out like a play and it was just neat. If you have never heard of L. Ron Hubbard he was a very popular author during the 1930 and 1940 selling more then 230 million copies . Devil’s Manhunt is about young Tim Beckdott working in desperation in Arizona for eight long treacherous months before striking a rich seam of gold. After 3 months of hard grueling labor he managed to stockpile more then $175,000 of gold ore. His dream of wealth are about to be realized until loutish a Swedish giant Sven and the foppish Virginian killer Bonnet arrive and jump his claim. Forced at gunpoint to mine the remaining gold for this villainous pair Tim manages to escape into the wilderness only to be hunted like an animal through rough terrain and he has no weapon to defend himself or to eat. Besides this story it came with Johnny The Town Tamer and Stranger in the Town both very interesting short stories. Galaxy Press has a wide variety of audio books from Western, Science Fiction, Mystery and Suspense, Action and Adventure, Historical Fiction and finally Military and War . These books are great for anyone who may have lived during that time period or a L. Ron Hubbard book lover, someone who can’t read but has a great imagination for listening or maybe introduce it to a new generation to keep this storytelling alive. You can see all the books by going to . I found these to be great reads and recommend them to others. Want some free e-book sample stories? Go To

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