Friday, February 8, 2013

Brigit True Organics Review

Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia is Brigit True  Organics which is made with 100% Natural and 74-99% Organic, using organic olive oil, organic herbs and organic planet essence. I was able to review some products from Brigit True Organics and here is what I got:
Magic Skin Balm Tube: Helps to heal paper cuts, psoriasis, eczema and any skin issue you may have. This comes in four sizes. I used this on a burn as I was not paying attention when I put a pan in the oven and thought the oven mitt was covering the pan completely and it was not my hand was on the pan of course this happened the day I got the product in the mail I went right to this Magic Skin Balm Tube and put this right on the burn and it helped it to heal quicker and soothe the burn. I was amazed how quick it healed and relieved the pain.  
Lip Balm Red: Which is lightly tinted lip balm.
Diabetic Foot Cream: This cream nourishes and heals with a mix of essential oils to support the lymphatic system which helps to increase circulation and helps with dryness. I also used the Diabetic Foot Cream as i know my feet have poor circulation and it has helped.
Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream Orange color: You can use very little of this seriously nourishing cream which has a fresh scent for both men and women as a little goes a long way. 
To learn more visit  and see all there wonderful products made with Olive oil which is a great skin lubricant. 


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.


  1. Hello Missy,

    Thank you for testing our organic olive oil body care for sensitive skin, and giving us your time to write it all up.
    We are so glad that the Magic balm was there just in time to give you relief and healing for the burn.

    We wanted to add, that the Deeply Nourishing hand cream 'orange' is scented with essential oil of orange and does not contain any artificial coloring. The yellow hue of the cream comes from the good organic ingredients and will not leave any color on the skin.

    Best wishes from Brigit True Organics

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