Monday, February 4, 2013

Kiss Naturals Review

I received in the mail as part of a product review Kiss Naturals. Kiss Naturals makes a variety of DIY products I was able to review Lip Balm making kit I use a lot of lip balm so being able to make my own is exciting and it comes with everything you need from the scents to the containers to put them in. This would be great for your daughter to do or have at a birthday party for a group to make as it is that easy and comes with everything you need! I also got the Bath Fizz, it comes with a cute heart shaped mold to put in but I bet if you wanted to you could use any type of mold and again comes with all that you need to make these great Bath Fizzes. I have never been much for being crafty but I would like to be I would love to make my own products for bath, shampoo, soap and of course Laundry Detergent as these can be very costly in the store I have been doing research and hope to someday start trying these recipes I have found. Back to Kiss Naturals besides what I got they have Soap Kits, Lava Lip Gloss kit, Solid Perfume and so much more.
Natural DIY Bath Fizzie Kit

Natural DIY Lip Balm Kit

When you are done with the box you can reuse it for any keepsakes. Based out of Quebec, Canada and formed over 13 years ago Mike and Marie launched Kiss Naturals.

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours

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  1. We threw a birthday party for my little twins. We have invited their best friends and making lip balms were one of the activities. We were not sure if two boys would like to make these balms so we have thought of other activities for them. For my big surprise, making lip balms was interesting for them as well (they were telling that they will bring balms to their moms) I thought it was lovely. As the theme of the party was "Ladies and Gents", all the girls were wearing dresses or skirts, they could choose from different jewelry like amber necklaces and various rings or colorful bracelets and boys would choose from different hats and ties, glasses. I was so fun to watch them being so interested in what they do!
    I really loved your post, it was interesting to read your opinion. Thank you for sharing!


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