Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not On The High Street Review

It’s funny how thinking small can create something so big. When started there were around 100 hand-picked small British businesses on board, many of them creating products from their kitchen tables after a full day’s work; now there are over 3,000 of the very best, with more joining each week. I recently was able to review a variety of products from Not on a high street and I must say they have so many unique gifts it was hard to decide what to get. I will tell you about each and every one of the below. My husband needed some more black socks for work so I got him the Men’s Hemp Socks By 3 Trees LTD which is made with a combination of cotton and hemp, these socks are very soft to the touch and my husband worn them and said he loved these socks as they were so soft and comfortable they have been washed a few times now and seem to still hold their shape so that is good as you never know if socks with shrink or not.

 The next thing I got was a Ribbon Strap Watch By Posh Totty Designs as I was in such a need for a new watch with has interchangeable ribbons so you can wear a different band each time and I must say after it came in the mail I did not like it as I did not realize it just tied on your hand instead of having some type of way to fasten so I may never wear this as there is so much extra ribbon I feel it looks foolish on my wrist, which you can view at

The next thing I got were Mothers’ Day Heart Chocolates By Bijou Gifts  which have booze in them and has approximately 9 pieces of gourmet chocolates which came wrapped in tissue paper and a cute paper rose which was homemade although they were boozy I enjoyed most of them mostly them ones made with mousse as in the all chocolate ones I tasted the booze more and I really do not drink alcohol much, you can view it at .

 The last thing I got was Raspberry and Vanilla Cake mix and frosting by House of The Rising Bun it came in a pouch with a cute little ribbon this is all natural and organic yummy! I have yet to make this but plan to by the weekend. The raspberries are freeze dried that plump which cooking so this will be a real treat visit to read all about it. So all and all not on a High Street is such a great place and has so many gift ideas for any occasion check them out today. 


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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