Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weight Loss Venture

So last summer I went on this T-25 low fat and low calorie lifestyle change I do not like calling it a diet as I tend to freak out at the thought. I started working out 5 days a week and noticed my legs and arms getting smaller but since winter has sent in I have fallen off the exercise wagon and need to get back on I lost a total 12 pounds before but I feel it slowly sneaking back up and I need to do something about it. I use food for every emotion I have rather it be boredom, sadness or anger so now I realize I need to use exercising to channel those emotions it is going to be hard but I know I can do it one day at a time if you have one good day and one bad on well just start over again the following day. I want to see how much my body can change by swimsuit season as yikes I would like to wear a bikini damn it one day. So below is are my currant weight and measurements:

Weight: 207.6
Thigh: 26.5
Upper Arm: 17
Waist: 41.5
I plan on taking in only 1400 calories a day and if you would like to see some example menus I can add those as well.
I just stared this today and will be doing weekly weight ins hopefully i can be motivated and stick to the weight loss goal of mine. 

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