Saturday, March 29, 2014

Splash Cards and Touring from Winning Moves,

If you have been following my blog you know about Winning Moves and how they have great board games you played as a kid and more to play with your kids as well. They now have Splash Pals which are used in the bath tub to make it fun or you can use these in a pool for more entertainment. I got Splash Jack which a deck of floating cards which you can play any card game like War, Slap Jack, Go Fish and so much more. The next one I got was Splash Pals which you have three piles one heads, one legs and last body you then combine them to matching, memory, numbers or create a person with any body combination. Splash Jack Royal which can be poker in the hot tub, solitaire and more. Splashanimals which animal parts will you match up the same, two different bodies or reading skill use. Touring this card game is the original auto race game the object of the game is to complete a trip based on the mile card you drew but look out your 
opponents will be looking to give you a flat tire and accidents. 

My Opinion: These are great and the splash cards are so lightweight and I like the idea that they float. This will make a kids bath time fun and they will want to take a bath and this summer when you go to the beach everyday this will cure the boredom they may feel as well. They Splash Royal cards are great for adults to play poker in the hot tub or pool. 
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