Friday, June 6, 2014

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Newman’s Own Organics is a company that sells a large variety of certified organic products. Newman’s Own Organics products are made with the best organic ingredients that have been grown on farms that use no pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  There products include Pretzels, Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans, Cookies, Pop Corn, Vinegar, Coffee, Dried Fruit, Mints, Tea, Licorice and even Pet Food.

I recently was sent a box of a bunch of different NOO products to try out and let you know about. My husband and I were so excited. We didn't realize there are so many different goodies. When I thought of organic, I thought of fruits, and veggies. Nothing super exciting, but NOO really did surprise me! 

The first product I would like to tell you about that we just loved was the Newman’s Own Organics Cinnamon Hot Mints.

My husband and I would try to hide these mints from one another, because we both just loved them so much. This isn't a mint if you just want to pop one and be done. These are super addicting, I must warn you. We had the whole container gone in just a few short days. Another thing I love about all of the NOO mints, are the super cute little tins. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

The next product I would love to talk to you about is the great different flavors of licorice. 

I don't know what it is lately, but I have been on a serious licorice kick. That being said, I get sick of eating the same flavor all the time. NOO has seven different flavors of licorice twists. Not just the every day black and strawberry, though they have those as well. They also carry, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Sour Mango, and Sour Strawberry. Along with those came my absolute favorite out of all of the flavors. Pomegranate, and also the tangerine. These licorice twist are bursting with flavor! I can not remember a time in my life where I have had better licorice. Needless to say, those were gone pretty fast. Even though I only allowed my husband one piece of each. 

My husband was head over heels for their family recipe cookies. I did try a few myself, and I loved how they were great alone, but also great with coffee or milk. Not to sweet, and not to crunchy. Just perfect. 

Newmans Own Organics also has a great line of cream filled cookies. So much better then the leading brands. They did not leave my mouth feeling like I just got done chewing on a piece of wax. 

My overall opinion about Newmans Own Organics: All of the products I taste tested, I loved! I am always looking for foods that are better for you. And I have found them. This company is wonderful, and has had many years of experience, and I hope many more to come! 

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