Sunday, April 19, 2015

DreamBaby Product Review

When you have a young child as a mother all you can think about is keeping him or her safe. I recently found Dreambaby® and they sent some home safety products to review and they are EZY-Fit Door Knob Covers which comes in a package of three and are easy for adults to grip, squeeze and turn but too difficult for small children to operate. They snap easily onto most standard door knobs. No tools required. Easy to install, reuse and move around from room to room. For added safety on door knobs with push-locking buttons, simply close lid over button to prevent door being accidentally locked.

EZ-Check Multi-Use Latch highly versatile, easy to install and can be used on most surfaces. Ezy-Check indicates if the latch is locked or unlocked simply checking if the lock symbol is green (locked) or red (unlocked)
Multi-touch release lock, making it tricky for young children to open
Made from durable,  non-toxic material- perfect for some appliances like fridges Fits most  washing machine  and can be effortlessly applied to most surfaces including glass, timber, metal and laminates.

Soft Touch Corner Cushions are soft yet strong, highly durable padded corner protections to help prevent injuries caused by sharp corners around the home. Knocking yourself or falling into a sharp corner is easy and can be extremely painful for the whole family.

My Opinion: I like these great safety for the home products as a mom you want to not have your child get hurt so having the correct safety products in the home is key and will make you feel at ease. I found the door knob covers to fit just fine and be very effective. The soft touch corner cushions are great for anything with a point that your child could hit their head on and I found them to fit perfectly and work well. Lastly the latch fit just fine wherever I put them.

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Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours. 

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