Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Savvy Ways to Shop Online

When shopping online, you need to learn to be a savvy shopper. There are lots of hints and tricks out there to help save you some cash. If you are a savvy shopper, you can get big discounts without a lot of effort. Why not try using some of my clever online shopping tips? Why pay more?

Use multiple coupon codes if you can

Say you have a discountrue code for a 20% discount and a coupon for $10, apply the 20% code first. It makes savvy sense to use them this way around, rather than the other way. And you can find voucher codes on tons of stores like Overstock, Target and big designers. The result? More money saved! Use Customer Service

I have had experience first hand of this. I get emails sent from different companies offering discounts. I often forget to use them in time, though! When I’ve gone to use them, sometimes they’ve expired. Never fear! Call up the customer services. Explain the situation and ask if your coupon can be extended as you are about to make an order on their website. Typically, sales reps are interested in making a sale, funnily enough. They will usually honour the discount and give you a new code. It may not work each time, especially if the items you want are on sale, but it is always worth trying. Always!

Another thing to try with customer service is to lodge a complaint. There needs to be a where a valid reason of course! Did something you buy break after a day? Was some food you bought nasty? If you have a solid claim, then complain. You will need proof for this type of thing so keep your receipts. More often than not, you will be sent vouchers as an apology. It works the other way too. If you really loved something and were super happy with the service, compliment them! I have had experience of receiving vouchers because of this too. It is always nice to compliment rather than make a complaint.

Accumulate more coupons with several email addresses

Increase your chances of saving lots of cash by signing up to newsletters and mailing lists with different email accounts. There are lots of offers for first-time customers, but all they require is an email address. You will see messages for money off your first shop, pop up when you enter their website. Don’t just ignore and click away. Sign up. Then sign up again!

Clear your cookies

Cookies (no, unfortunately not the edible ones), are used on nearly all websites these days. Have you been looking for something like airline tickets, then go back the next day and they cost more? This is through the use of cookies! Clearing your browser will stop this from happening. It is a bit cheeky of companies to do, but it is the ultimate shopping savvy tip!

Good luck with your online shopping! I hope these tips will help you to shop savvy and save money when you shop online. Who doesn’t love to save some money, right?

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