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Is Laser Right For You?

Is Laser Right For You?
This guest post was submitted by Aleya who has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal on Long Island for ten years.
Everyone knows someone who has had laser hair removal done at some point. Some of the stories that we hear are positive and may make us want to get out own treatments. Other stories scare us off completely and make us wonder why anyone would want to do such a thing to themselves. Before you make up your mind, here are a few facts that you should be aware of so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not laser is for you.
It’s Not Permanent
Laser is not permanent hair removal. Sure we’ve all heard promises that laser gives 100% results but the fact is that many people don’t get those results. This is such a common occurrence that laser is legally called laser hair reduction. The hairs that don’t go away will be thinner, sparse and slower to grow.
Don’t Forget Your Yearly Touchup
Another reason that laser is not permanent is that because one to two years after you’ve finished your treatments you will notice that the hairs are growing out again and you have to shave. This is your cue to make an appointment to get one touch up. After a few years many people notice that many of the hairs are no longer growing in at all so there is a possibility for the hairs to be permanently gone but it’s not guaranteed.
The Right Candidate
People who can do laser and expect to get great results are those who have a lot of thick, black hairs. If you have light colored hairs, thin hairs or sparse hairs you are not a candidate for laser and should stay away from it. As far as skin tone goes, te lighter you are the better your results because the hair has to be able to see the pigment of your hairs through your skin. If you have a darker skin tone however you should consider getting Diode laser hair removal which is known to work on light as well as dark skin and provide great results. This laser is good for people who are of Greek, Italian, Hispanic, Indian and Middle Eastern backgrounds. African American people can use it as long as their skin is about the color of a cp of coffee with a splash of milk.
What Happens If The Wrong Person Gets Laser
If you are not a laser candidate but get treated then your results will be very weak- and that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that if you have active hair follicles then you can grow out hairs that you never had and there’s going to be a lot of it. Once this happens you have to do electrolysis because the laser will no longer work.
Any Other Options?
The only form of permanent hair removal that exists is electrolysis. This treatment has been available for over 100 years now and is approved by the FDA and AMA as being permanent and safe. It can be performed on anyone regardless of their hair or skin type but it can take years to complete depending on the area being worked on and what has been done to the hairs in the past. For example full legs can take a few years because you’re treating one hair at a time and the area being worked on is a large one.
During the time that you are getting laser you cannot get color from the sun or a tanning booth because you will get white burn marks that can take up to two years to go away. If you happen to get tan then skip the treatments until your go back to your regular color. This will make you fall behind and you’ll have to do an extra couple of treatments to get on track.
Is It Painful?
Everyone has different Pain tolerances so but for the most part people react well to laser. The area that hurts the most is the bikini but you can use numbing cream to make your session more comfortable. The good news is that regardless of the area being treated, as the hairs start to disappear the treatments become more comfortable.
Is It Cancerous?
There is no proof that laser is cancerous. However if you are taking certain medications that affect your skin or are pregnant speak to your doctor before starting treatments.
Hopefully some of your questions have been answered. Upon meeting your technician you will be given more information about the process and how to prepare for it. Don’t be shy about requesting a consultation and reading reviews before making a treatment appointment. Good luck!

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