Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Budget Decorating Ideas For Your Guest Room

If you have a spare room that seems a little lost in your home, why not turn it into a guest room? They can add value to your home and provide your friends and family with a comfortable place to sleep when they visit. This might sound like it would take a lot of time, money and hard work. But you can actually do most of the work quickly and for next to no money. So if your spare room isn’t being used to it’s full potential or looks tired and dull, use these tips to transform it.


In most homes, the guest room is a dumping ground for belongings, unwanted furniture and clothes. So if you want to bring a new lease of life into your guest room, decluttering is an absolute must. Spend an afternoon sorting through the stuff you have accumulated in this space and only keep what is necessary. Invest in some clever storage solutions such as wire baskets and crates and store whatever you are keeping neatly inside. After your sort out, use some fantastic smelling cleaning products and clean the room from top to bottom. It should be easier to see the potential in your guest room now it is clean and open.

Move around

If you think your guests might have trouble negotiating your guest room, you need to have a move around. Ask a friend or your partner to help you change the positioning of the furniture in your guest room. Do this until you create a natural flow you are happy with. Your guests should be able to move around as freely as possible and have space to relax. Moving your furniture around can bring new life into the area, especially if nothing has been changed in a long time. This can be done relatively quickly and transform your room without spending any money.

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