Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Beast The Complete Series

Out now from mill Creek Entertainment is The Beast: The Complete Series which stars Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), Travis Fimmel (Vikings TV Series), Lindsay Pulsipher (American Horror Story TV Series), Kevin J. O’Connor (The Mummy), Lawrence Gillard Jr. (The Waking Dead TV Series) and Pamela Reed (Criminal Minds TV Series). Veteran FBI agent Charles Barker, who isn't afraid to break rules to get the job done, trains new rookie partner Ellis Dove in his pushing-the-envelope style of agenting. But if Dove is having trouble learning the ropes, it could be because he's a little distracted: An FBI Internal Affairs team that suspects Barker may have gone rogue is pressuring Dove to work as a double agent and keep them posted on his mentor.

The DVD has all 13 episodes that aired in 2009 which are:
Episode 1: Pilot – Jan. 15, 2009
Episode 2: Two Choices – Jan. 22, 2009 
Episode 3: Nadia – Jan. 29, 2009 
Episode 4: Infected – Feb. 5, 2009 
Episode 5: Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo – Feb. 12, 2009 
Episode 6: Hothead – Feb. 19, 2009 
Episode 7: Capone – Feb. 26, 2009 
Episode 8: Mercy – March 5, 2009 
Episode 9: The Walk In – March 19, 2009 
Episode 10: Tilt – March 26, 2009 
Episode 11: My Brother's Keeper – April 9, 2009 
Episode 12: Counterfeit – April 16, 2009 
Episode 13: No Turning Back – April 23, 2009

My Opinion: Although the series was short I found it to be good as Patrick Swayze is a true classic and may he rest in peace. The action and adventure of a cop show I really enjoy getting the bad guy and teaching his partner the ropes.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review and this is solely my own opinion which may differ from yours.

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