Monday, January 22, 2018

GoGo SqueeZ Bowl Kit For Super Bowl LII

The Big Game is around the corner, and even if you’re not a super-fan of football tradition, your kids, family, or friends might be, making it the perfect excuse to throw a party! This year, at GoGo HQ, we’re celebrating a little differently with our first annual squeeZ Bowl, a healthy competition amongst our applesauce and YogurtZ pouches. The winner earns bragging rights of being THE official healthy snack of The Big Game! For other Big Game Day party-GoGo’ers, we’ve put together the ULTIMATE squeeZ Bowl Party Kit, full of healthy snack ideas and fun games to keep the whole family entertained while The Big Game is happening!
Snacks: No squeeZ Bowl party would be complete without snacks! Here are some fun and healthy options to serve at your party:

The squeeZ Bowl: GoGo HQ shouldn’t be the only party with a squeeZ Bowl this year! Make your own filled with both applesauce and YogurtZ inside, and use these football themed pouch covers to make them even more festive.

Fruit Stadium: Fruit will always be a winner in our book, especially when it is spilling out of a watermelon stadium! How awesome for your party!

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