Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Into Indonesia!

Ready to start planning a new travel adventure? If so, you might want to think about gorgeous Indonesia. This country in Southeast Asia is made up of thousands of islands, some of which aren’t even populated. Each island that is inhabited has its very own distinct culture and way of life, so you can be sure that there is plenty for you to see and do if you like the idea of island hopping. Of course, you don’t need to hop between the islands if you don’t want to - there are some fantastic cities and destinations that will have enough to keep you occupied for your entire trip!

So, have you been persuaded to book a trip to Indonesia? If so, you should definitely read on. Here are some of the top places to visit in this fascinating destination.

Let’s start off with Indonesia’s bustling capital, Jakarta. It’s fair to say that if
you don’t fancy a holiday right in the middle of a bustling city, then this probably isn’t the best location for you! Jakarta is renowned for its exceedingly high traffic levels and noise pollution. This is one reason why most visitors take a look at for accommodation in Bekasi, a neighboring city that is often a lot less congested but still has good links into the center of Jakarta. If you are already coming from a big city, such as London or New York, then Jakarta’s business probably won’t bother you, though. There’s plenty to do in the capital city, and you should start off with a visit to Monas, the national monument of Indonesia. There are also lots of malls that are filled with designer stores throughout the city. Even if you can’t afford a new Louis Vuitton handbag or a pair of Gucci shoes, it’s still worth browsing these gorgeous shops.

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 One of Indonesia’s most famous destinations has to be the island of Bali. It’s said to be one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world and is covered in volcanic mountains, lush jungles, and scenic beaches. So, if you want a relaxing beach vacation where you can spend your days sunbathing on golden sands, then this is definitely the best Indonesian destination to head to for your trip. It’s even worth visiting even if you want a bit more action from your holiday. For instance, you could spend your days surfing in the waters just off Kuta Beach. There are also lots of fantastic temples for you to explore, such as the Ulun Danu Temple. If Yoga is your kind of thing, then you might want to check out one of the many Yoga retreats that have sprung up across the island in recent years. 

Komodo National Park
Did you know that the Komodo National Park has recently been voted one of the world’s top ten destinations? So, it’s certainly one location to add to your Indonesian to-do list! There are so many reasons why this is a must-see place, but there are two very obvious ones. First of all, it is an absolutely stunning place. The waters off the sandy beaches sparkle in the sunlight, and there are some lush jungle vegetation for you to hike to. The second reason to visit this park is probably the biggest draw for most tourists - you get to see the Komodo dragons! In fact, this is the only place on earth where you can spot these spectacular creatures. The amazing wildlife isn’t just confined to the land, though - you can also go snorkelling in the ocean and will spot all kinds of sea life, including turtles, dolphins, and seahorses!

The Liang Bua Caves
 If you love history, then it’s worth taking a trip out to the island of Flores. This is where you will find the famous Liang Bua Caves, which are sometimes known as the Hobbit caves. There’s a very good reason for that - in 2003 the remains of some ancient people were found in the cave. They were a lot smaller than today’s human beings and were quickly labeled as “hobbits” by the media. They weren’t hobbits, of course, they were actually Homo floresiensis, an early form of man. This is currently the only site in the world where this type of human has been found, so is a must-see for all lovers of history.

Borobudur Temple
To get in touch with your spiritual side, you might want to take a trip to the Borobudur Temple. It’s situated on the island of Java, and won’t be too difficult to get to. This is the biggest Buddhist monument in the whole world and is now considered one of the world’s seven modern wonders. The temple was abandoned for centuries and ended up completely covered in ash after a volcanic eruption. It was eventually discovered in 1815, though, and in 1970, the Indonesian government worked to bring it back to its former glory. If you go and visit the temple now, I’m sure you will agree that they managed to do a very good job!

The Dieng Plateau National Park
While you are on the island of Java, it’s also worth stopping off at the Dieng Plateau National Park. This was once overlooked as a tourist destination, but it is now very much a must-see for visitors to the island. It’s easy to get to as well, as it is located just a couple of hours from the Borobudur Temple. There are a lot of volcanic craters in the park, most of which will be bubbling as you walk past them. It’s also a great place to witness the sunrise or sunset from. If you head to the village of Siknur, you will be able to travel up its mountain peak. It’s just a twenty minute walk to the top, and the views as the sun rises and sets are unbelievable.

Did you know that Borneo isn’t just an Indonesian island? It also belongs to Malaysia and Brunei. So, if you go here, you can say that you have also visited Malaysia and Brunei! While you are in Borneo, you will be able to see its famous orangutans. You can find out more about them at But these majestic animals aren’t the only thing that Borneo is famous for. You can also go snorkelling off its coast to explore Sipadan Island, which is often called one of the world’s best diving sites. The island also has a very popular steam railway which you can ride for a very reasonable price. The journey will take you through coastal towns, rainforests, paddy fields, and coffee plantations.

Mount Bromo
Want to do quite a bit of hiking during your time in Indonesia? If so, then it is worth going to Mount Bromo. This large mountain is situated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It’s quite small when you compare it to some of the other volcanoes in the country, but it still makes for an excellent hike that will take you pass some thrilling scenery. Lots of people head up in the early morning so that they can see the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain. You might want to try to time your trip so it falls during the Kasada festival, when locals give up offerings of food to the mountain.
 Has this made up your mind to book a trip to Indonesia? What are you waiting for? Book it now and then you can really start to get excited!

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