Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Millennial Path To Adulthood

If you happen to read through old history books, you might come across kings and queens who were still children when they took on their royal functions. Most got married during their childhood, and some even joined military battles even before their reached puberty. The path of adulthood in those distant years was unlike nothing else. Nowadays, becoming an adult is a different kettle of fish.

The years after graduation
For most young adults, responsibilities mark the beginning of real adulthood. The first responsibilities you’ll be confronted with happen after college. Indeed, a lot of students experience high debts during the years that follow the graduation. It’s not uncommon to work with a credit repair company to learn how to manage student’s debts. Additionally, you’re likely to experience for the first time the difficulties making the most of your entry-level job to pay the monthly bills. Indeed, the first step of adulthood is about budget management!
Meeting the right partner for you
You need to settle down into your lifestyle and to leave behind the partying spirit of your student years before you can meet your significant other. If you think that dating apps are the way to go, most people have remained traditionalist when it comes to meeting their partners. 39% meet through common friends, while 15% meet at work. Only 8 per cent of couples meet on a dating app!
Moving in together and having common projects
More and more adults were longer until they buy their first home. In fact, in the US, the median first-time buyer is 33. A generation ago, the first-time buyer was 3 years younger. If you skip to your grandparents’ generation, the first-time buyer was around mid-20s. Admittedly; the financial situation makes it more difficult to buy early. But Millennial couples also prefer to take the time to know each other and to develop their confidence before they decide to purchase. In fact, homeownership used to be one of the first steps of adulthood a couple of generations ago.
The family grows
Young adults often wait before they decide to have a family. Most active Millennials wait until they are in their 30s before they have a baby, as a natural consequence of repaying student’s debts and building a professional career. However, there are still some exceptions! Additionally, when the family grows, it’s often the best time to decorate your home, starting with the nursery. While interior design is important; it is often ignored for the sake of functional and affordable items until the arrival of a baby.
Developing a side hustle
Last, but not least, Millennials have chosen to bring a new step to their path to adulthood. Nowadays, more and more young parents look into the possibilities of developing a side hustle while they look after their children – you can find ideas here: In a development that sets this generation apart from their parents and grandparents, the adults of today prove they can be creative to accommodate a new work/life balance.  
Every generation experiences new challenges. And if the kings and queens of the past needed to take adult’s roles early, their lifespan was reduced. Nowadays, modern adults take their time along the path of learning and self-discovery. But they build a lifestyle that suits their aspirations, their values and their needs at their own pace.

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