Sunday, December 9, 2018

Quartz Clinical

We know the healthcare system within in the United States needs some improvements and looks for a way to become more effective, accurate and maintain a healthy working environment. There are some hospitals that need other ways to improve and Quartz Clinical offers healthcare providers a way to make better decisions using big data with a dashboard that empowers you with unprecedented access and integration across nearly all of their systems by seeing insight into your healthcare enterprise. Monitor KPIs at a glance and empower your team to drill down into top opportunities. Through AI and machine learning, they automate analysis allowing administrators and providers to see clearly the most efficient path to better care; with hyper-accurate prediction models to better anticipate outcomes.

What the system s integrates is your electronic health record, financial system, supply chain, and quality programs into one platform.  Detailed Financial Insight lets you visually see the cost data to automatically prioritize performance improvement projects. Use the integrated performance improvement tools to manage opportunities.
This will help a medical practice and/or hospital to become more efficient along with saving money and concentrating more on patient care which is something all practices want to do.
*This is a sponsored post which I’ll be compensating for*

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