Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Craft Basket Easter 2020

Since we are having to stay home and a lot of you have a nice stock of toilet paper due to the COVID-19 outbreak I thought we should do an Easter craft using toilet paper rolls.

What you’ll need to do this Toilet Paper Roll Easter Basket:
– Toilet paper rolls
– paint or colorful paper
– scissors
– glue
– Easter eggs
First, color the paper rolls or you can use color paper to put on them instead.
Once they dry cut them in half or in a zig-zag pattern if you’ll make a grass basket.
Cut a long strip of paper and glue it on the inside of the tp roll so that it makes an arch this will be a handle.
To decorate the little creations you can also cut the wings and a beak for the chicks, long ears for the bunnies and flowers for the grass

These can be so many ways and be very creative with stickers, cutting out patterns and designs, etc…

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