Saturday, September 12, 2020

Glasstic Pink Flip Cap Bottle

Glasstic Pink Flip Cap Bottle is 16 ounces and shatterproof as the unique innovative design protects from shattering glass. Has a wide mouth making it perfect as a fruit infuser water bottle as well.  The leak-proof flip cap lid with a handle and lock to help prevent spills and dangerous breaks; all caps fit al bottles so you can mix and match. BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Toxin-Free you already know that glass is a better alternative than plastic so why take a chance-go with glass for the purest tasting beverages and to reduce worry about harmful toxins. Easy to Wash and Clean - The glass water bottle insert and BPA free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.  

Please manually wash custom printed water bottles / outer shells to be safe. Easily Customize the Look make a personalized water bottle by adding an image or some symbols to the backside panel.
Style Insert Pack Design Pack The Style Inserts are laminated to make them waterproof. Replacements are freely available. Install in an outer shell by rolling the Glasstic Style Insert up along the angled edge and inserting the short edge into the bottom of the outer shell. Unroll inside the outer shell and line up the seams to straighten out. Twist inside shell to change the position of the Style. Remove by lifting the edge of Style Insert from the inside shell using a fingernail (pulling apart at the seam from the top and grabbing an edge works too) or toothpick to simply peel up an edge of the Style Insert and roll up before pulling out the bottom or top of the shell. Replace in package or put in a folder or under a book to flatten out when not being used. The designs are Peace, Retro, Tribal, Yin Yang, and Love.
My Opinion: I like this water bottle that I now take to the gym with me when I go 3 times a week to lose weight and gain self-esteem I have the tribal design in my bottle now and it was easy to install.
This is a Tomoson Review which I received the product for free or at a reduced price just because that happened does not mean I was swayed in any way to give a positive or negative review.

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