Friday, April 23, 2021

How a Heavy-Duty Screen Frame Can Improve Your Home

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Whether you are building your very first home or are beginning a renovation to revitalize the look both interior and exterior, it’s easy to forget an essential part of your home that affects both. Your window screen frames. If you think about it, window screen frames can be seen from the exterior, while its functionality affects the atmosphere inside your home at the same time. It is also the singular item that keeps your window screens taut and in place while facing the turbulent weather and environments of the outside.

There are many, many choices for homeowners to pick when it comes to their screen frames for their home. Most of them are affordable, budget-friendly options made of what is called roll-form aluminum that is lightweight and excellent for small windows. When it comes to considering what sort of screen frame you might need for a very large, custom-shaped window or even your patio screen door, however, purchasing the average screen frame may not be the wisest decision.

While true that a heavy duty screen frame costs more than your standard frame, inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean affordable when you look at the performance and longevity over the years. There are many ways a heavy-duty screen frame can improve your home. 


 What’s the Difference Between Standard and Heavy-Duty?


Your standard, economical window screen is most often created from what is called roll-form aluminum, or coiled aluminum. This is also called cladding, and it very easy to install. Then we have extruded, or heavy-duty window screens. This type of cladding is much thicker, lasts longer, and has several other excellent benefits that can improve your home.

Windows that have roll-form, or coiled clad, use aluminum that is essentially the width of a soda can. The aluminum is ‘rolled’ against a sash and positioned directly against the wood or material of your window. Unfortunately, over time, a roll-frame allows water to begin to seep in. Water seeping in causes wood to begin to rot and mold and mildew to grow due to limited air circulation. Not to mention, the material this thin becomes too easily bent and incredibly easy to damage.

Extruded, or heavy-duty aluminum screen frames, on the other hand, are roughly the thickness of a quarter and when applied to your home, sit somewhat at a distance from the sash. This is a perfectly preventative design, allowing for water to immediately drain away and air to flow freely to keep your sash dry. As both the sash and the frame of a heavy-duty frame are made of extruded aluminum, your frame has the bonus of being much stronger, less likely to be damaged or dented.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Heavy-Duty Screen Frame?

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when choosing a heavy-duty window screen frame are:

·         Perfect for waterfront homes. Waterfront homes take much more of a beating from winds and water than your average home alongside a forest or road. If your home has heavy-duty frames, there are fewer entry points for water to enter your home through gusty wind and thunderstorms. Plus, damages caused by heavy wind and weather such as denting are far less likely.

·         Fade-resistant. Compared to the finishes on your average window screen, or vinyl window frames, heavy-duty frames are far less prone to fading from wind, water, and sun exposure. A faded look to your home’s exterior can lower curb appeal and even affect your property value. As the finish is baked into most heavy-duty frames, it simply doesn’t suffer from fading the same way vinyl and other screen frame materials do.

·         A clean, contemporary, refined look. When building a new home or installing windows in a brand-new home, how it looks is important to you. Cheaper frames aren’t always the best looking. Heavy-duty frames often have excellent color choices, long-lasting finishes, and can add to your property appeal and become a sales feature, should you wish it.

·         Ultra-durable and energy-efficient. You could end up replacing damaged, faded, or breaking window screens every few years, costing you more cash in the long run. Or you could be enjoying the ultra-durable, longevity of a heavy-duty screen frame. Heavy-duty frames don’t just resist water, wind, rain, snow, and sun better than the standard frame, but they can stand up to everything else as well such as impacts and scratches. These are also more energy-efficient since there are even fewer potential areas for air and elements to get through to your windows.

With more durability comes lower maintenance costs that need to come from your wallet. Cleaning a baked-on exterior finish on heavy-duty frames is easier than cleaning vinyl too. Heavy-duty screen frames last much longer, look stylish and can withstand so much more than your standard frame. This is how a heavy-duty screen frame can improve your home and why choosing them makes them a worthy investment.

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