Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Best Flooring For Education Spaces


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In an education environment, it comes down to designing spaces that fit the exact use of the space. The kindergarten classroom isn’t going to feature the same design trends as a college dorm room, nor will a principal’s office reflect the same ideas as a high school auditorium, nor is a homeschooling classroom will have different designs and features. Whether the project is designed mostly for resilience, functionality, modernization, or just a simple wow-factor, each ultimately conveys a look and feel suitable for the end-user.  

If the building is a large K-12 school where there’s a lot of foot traffic, then the entryway should definitely have a different type of flooring than an administration office. As new schools are being built today, we’re seeing a lot of different types of flooring being used and it’s really dependent upon the use of a specific room or area.

Education facilities are now trying to upgrade to an lvt flooring that will obviously get them a lot more design yet still remain kid-friendly which is the current trend in flooring as the look has great performance and also gives them the ability to create different environments and atmospheres based on the age of the children. Younger children obviously like more invigorating pops of color and lvt flooring allows consumers to use those colors as they want. If you move into higher education, they’re looking for something a little more sophisticated and classy.

Some lvt flooring ideas are Amtico Northern Wonder was inspired by a wintertime trek to see the northern lights. Suiting a variety of spaces, the abstract patterns build mesmerizing landscapes of celestial color, shadow, and light. As digitally printed LVT, Northern Wonder allows for a large palette and crisp, complex patterns with incredible visual variation across each plank, for unique, memorable flooring designs. Aura Nightfall which has blue shades it comes packaged as 24 pieces of 6" x 48"

, 48 SQ FT per carton, 18 pieces of 12” x 24”, 36 SQ FT per carton, and packaging may differ for QuickStix.

Primary Elements LVT brings spaces to life with 20 vivids, versatile shades. The collection can be used on its own or integrated effortlessly with other flooring types. A variety of hues are available in two subtle patterns: Bond, a fabric-like crosshatch visual, and Structure, a finely dappled linear pattern. Primary Elements LVT is designed to coordinate across Mannington’s carpet and hard surface offerings. Bond is a variety of color and designing the sizes 12” x 12” and 12” x 24” when it arrives packaged 36 pieces of 12" x 12" - 36 SQ FT per carton,
18 pieces of 12" x 24" - 36 SQ FT per carton and packaging may differ for QuickStix.

Divergent brings together root level observations and soft linear patterns with subtle gradations, abstract graphics and a timely, relevant color story. Incorporating the philosophy of biophilic design, Divergent is ideal for healthcare, retail, hospitality and corporate spaces.

Wade Milkweed is a tan color is 6” x 36 and packaged 18 pieces of 6" x 36". These are just a few flooring ideas that are cool, comfy-looking, and relaxing in today’s styles to transform any school space and more.

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