Thursday, April 8, 2021

Why Water Hose Reels Are Great Investments


Hose reels exist to make using hoses easier and more functional for everyday activities. In both wall-mounted and mobile options, water hose reels offer a variety of different benefits that you may not realize. Outside of acting as a storage area for your garden hose, these reels can be useful for homeowners, renters, and business owners for different reasons. Here are 5 of the most notable reasons why a water hose reel is a great investment.

1.      Incredibly Functional

Water hose reels offer excellent functionality, allowing you to store your garden hose in a manner that suits your needs. Typically, you can find reels in wall-mounted, free-standing, and mobile options. Each of these offer unique solutions, whether you need a stationary or mobile hose reel for your home or business. If you find yourself moving from faucet to faucet, a hose reel cart will be a more functional choice than a wall-mounted reel. No matter which type of water hose reel you select, you’ll enjoy the functionality it provides by making hose storage, unraveling, and wrapping the hose back up much easier.

2.      Provides A Tidy Solution

You’ve seen yards where people leave their hoses in messy tangles by their side or backyard faucet. By having a garden hose reel, you can neatly wrap your hose to keep it off the ground and presentable. If you choose a free-standing or cart-style reel, these can be moved out of sight so as to not detract from the look of your home. Everyone loves a neat and uncluttered yard, and a water hose reel will help make that possible.

3.      Prevents Hose Wear and Tear

When you leave your garden hose on the ground, it becomes susceptible to wear and tear. As it sits in gravel or mud, the hose is bound to become damaged over time. When dragged through your lawn, over pavement, or over unpaved ground, the exterior of the hose will begin to show signs of wear via scrapes. You may even find that it has a small puncture or tear from this! Water hose reels put a stop to this preventable damage, allowing you to safely store the hose off the ground. With a hose reel cart, you’ll be able to wheel your hose wherever it needs to go.

4.      Some Options Not Permanent

If you’re a renter or house flipper, installing a permanent wall-mounted hose reel is not an option. Free-standing and cart-style reels offer the same convenience and functionality you need for watering plants, hosing off the patio, spraying down the sides of the house, or whatever else needs to be done with your garden hose. These are also perfect for those who would rather keep their hose reels out of sight, storing them in either thick brush or indoors in a shed or garage.

5.      Long Lifespan

When you choose a very high-quality water hose reel, you’ll get tons of use out of it for years to come. With hose reels, quality comes at a cost. Metal reels are designed to withstand the elements, so rain and snow will not cause it to rust. Many are also made to prevent leakage, so you won’t have to deal with decreasing efficiency over time. With plastic hose reels, it’s easy to crack the reel or for the sun to warp it out of its original shape. True enough they’re cheaper, plastic reels aren’t designed for long-term use. Simply put, this is an instance where choosing the pricier metal hose reel will pay off in the future. After all, it will be much more palatable to need to replace a reel that has lasted over 10 years versus one that provided a year of use.

The above are all excellent reasons why adding a water hose reel to your home or business is a great choice. Keep in mind that they are what you can expect from high-quality water hose reels made of materials like aluminum and brass. Plastic hose reels of any type will not provide the longevity or value you need. Investing in a very high-quality reel will usually last for years to come with little to no issues. Plus, these often come with warranties in the event of leaks or rusting. Hose reels are a purchase that you shouldn’t have to make every few years, so shop with lifespan in mind. You’ll be glad you spent more on the initial cost of a premium water hose reel instead of replacing a cheaper plastic one in a year!

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  1. Great tips! I didn't realize that you could get a stand alone water hose reel!


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