Sunday, May 22, 2022 CULPAN 3D Crystal Photo Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022


Mothers Day Gifts CULPAN 3D Crystal Photo, Custom Crystal with Engraved Photo & Personalized Message. This comes in sizes small, medium, and large and either portrait or landscape. Whoever you are, there is a moment in your life when you want to remember it forever. Photos fade and the data disappears, yet CULPAN 3D crystal photos can be preserved for at least 1,000 years. 

Not every K9 crystal can be preserved for 1000 years. We use Austrian jewelry grade high density and high purity K9 crystal. It has the highest light transmittance and is three times harder than ordinary K9 crystal. We only use high-quality crystals without dust or defects inside. Therefore your 3D crystal photos will have impressive clarity and will stand out in any space. 

They will convert your 2D photo into a 3D model for you free of charge and engrave it inside the crystal by photo-etching technology. 3D engraving will create a mesmerizing following effect, which needs you to experience its wonders by yourself. it is highly recommended to upgrade your 3D crystal photo with a bright  LED light stand in order to add extra charm to your personalized crystal photo.

They have been established in the USA for 10 years, in addition, they are equipped with well-trained designers and the most advanced aerospace-grade photo etching machine from the Netherlands. You will be amazed by the clarity of your CULPAN 3D crystal photos. If you are looking for a customized gift for your family and friends, then this 3D crystal photo is the perfect gift choice to capture happy moments, work achievements, graduations or other special occasions.


When they receive your order, they go through the 8 processes: layout-modeling-transmittance test-photo-etch engraving-micro distance test-inspection-packaging. Whether you are an individual or a company we will treat your order with the utmost care. We promise to ship within 2-3 days. Trust us, it is worth the wait! You/your loved ones will receive the best gift of a lifetime. Every CULPAN's work is covered by a lifetime warranty.


My Opinion: The one I got came out amazing and it is for my niece and her wife to remember their wedding day. It is going to last 1,000 years which is a long time to pass down to future generations. I love taking photos but they do deteriorate over time.

Check out CULPAN 3D Crystal Photo!

This is a Tomoson Review I got the product for free or at a reduced price in exchange for a review but I was in no way swayed to give a positive or negative review. 

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