Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dry Divas

I received in the mail as a product review dry divas designer shower cap. This is not the old fashioned shower cap as your mom and grandmother may have used this one is colorful with a cute pink bow with a designer charm attached to it. It is great for hairstylists or anyone who needs to put their hair in a shower cap. The company is based in California. I picked the bouffant style as I have long hair and it is called Luca’s Love. The price is $26.00 but it is so worth it since it not the normal disposable caps and will be able to use this one over and over again.
Here is a photo of mine:

You can find the whole shower cap collection at:
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, you can learn more about this product! Here is history on the company:
My motto in life is to “have fun”. While I know that life isn’t always a party, I try to bring sunshine and happiness to the people I love and everything I do.
I started my life as Colleen O’Neill. Irish through and through, green quickly became my favorite color. After graduating from the University of Arizona, I met my best friend and soul mate (truly, I got very lucky in this department) and started my life as Colleen Bellitti. After working for years at an investment banking firm, we had our second child and I quickly realized that I needed more flexibility than my office job could provide. I then worked as a personal assistant where I shopped and threw parties for a living. It was an exciting, fulfilling role, but I still found myself wondering, as I was read my blackberry in between putting my kids to sleep, what could I create on my own from home?
My daughter Isabel has curly hair, and like most eight-year-olds, has a very busy schedule. After a long day of school and after-school activities, I didn’t want her to shower and go to bed with wet hair. Plus, she didn’t need to wash her hair every day. So the search for a shower cap was on. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find an attractive quality shower cap for her anywhere. The ones I found were just a step up from a disposable cap and left her hair wet and flat. The light bulb went on, and the rest is history. I am so happy to be able to provide a shower cap that is made in the USA and adds a splash of sunshine and style to your everyday beauty routine to bring out the diva in you.

Disclaimer: This way given to me as part of a product review in no was was i compensated for this review and this is my opinion and may differ from your.

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