Sunday, June 24, 2012

To Go Brands

I received in the mail as part of a product review to go brands which make Vita Rocks, Go Greens, Extreme Berries to go, Acai Natural Energy Chews, Omega To Go, Green Tea Fusion, Trim Energy. I really enjoyed the Vita Rocks and the Acai Natural Chews were ok also but I had a hard time tolerating the texture of the Omega to go as they are in powder form and you mix them in your water I could not get the powder to dissolve completely so I felt it was not for me but that does not mean it is not for you. To Go Brands are made from all natural ingredients and helps boost your metabolism so they are perfect if you are working out, exercising, need a pick me up to get thru the day give these products a try and let me know what you think of them. You can visit their website at: . The prices are very reasonable and you can click on the store locator to see where to buy them and here is the link: 
Also you can download coupons and who does not like coupons? On the website there are also recipes to try, I think I may try them maybe I will do better mixing the powder drink mixes in another food item and tolerate them better.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and no way was i compensated for this review.

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