Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunsational Non Dairy Beverage

I received Sunsational Non Dairy beverage in the mail. It comes in flavors vanilla and original. It is made from sunflower kernels. I thought it may taste similar to Almond milk or Rice dreams which in my opinion it kind does. I tried the Vanilla one and decided i do not like it and it takes an acquired taste. Since i was raised on milk and not anything else.
You can visit there website at:
Here is some information about the nutrition :
Sunsational Sunflower Beverages are made from the finest quality ingredients available. We only use a handful of simple, pure ingredients to make our delicious, nutritious non dairy beverage. After water, our next ingredient is sunflower kernel which is the key to our delicious taste and powerful nutrition.
We believe that our sunflower beverage is the most delicious product on the market and that includes both non dairy and dairy beverages alike. After trying our products consumers have said, “wow, this is really delicious, it has a taste of its own”!. The more people that try our delicious sunflower beverage the more we hear people love the taste. Our selected ingredients, special roasting and careful processing all contribute to making an incredibly rich, creamy delicious product.
Not only is our sunflower beverage loaded with great taste, it is also loaded with great nutrition too. You may not have heard about chlorogenic acid or phenolic but our beverage contains both these powerful antioxidants. (Search “chlorogenic acid” and “phenolic acid” to learn more about their amazing health benefits.) Because of these antioxidants, you’ll notice our beverage has an off white color. In addition, our sunflower beverage is a great source of vitamin A, good source of fiber and folate, possesses omega 6 & 9s and contains numerous minerals and amino acids. Our naturally off white color is simply validation our beverage is loaded with naturally occurring healthy benefits. Think of the analogy between whole grain bread and white bread – now you’re thinking nutritiously. Note: While best manufacturing processes are used and our products are produced on its own exclusive days, Sunsational is not made in a dedicated nut free facility so the remote chance of cross contamination is a possibility.
On there website right now they are hosting a giveaway which is a photo contest of you or someone enjoying sunsational non dairy you can click here and follow the link: the winner will win a case of Sunsational Non dairy.
Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review negative or positive. I received this product as part of a product review. my opinion is my own and may be different then yours.

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